Laboratorios Sparchim located in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and as part of Grupo Boniquet Sparchim is specialist in producing wet wipes, toiletries and body care products, pet care cosmetics and low-calorie artificial sweeteners.   It produces more than 40 million units year by offering a wide assortment of clinically tested products and “ready to use presentations. Furthermore,we offer the possibility to customize formulas base don our customer needs: they give us their limits and we give them our technology and expertise.


Taking care of children by offering a wide portfolio of toiletries is also one of our specializations. Laboratorios Sparchim has a strong experience to develop and manufacture this type of products.


At Laboratorios Sparchim we have become specialist in toiletries which have a higher market growth.

Sun care

Certainly, one of the activities in the company having a higher investment in formula’s development. We account with a wide range of clinically tested formulas and packagings. Always complying with the highest legal requirements from the market.


Cosmetics and toiletries for pet care is also one of our business activities. From wet wipes to clean the eyes and ears of dogs and cats to all kinds of shampoos and eau de cologne for dogs, cleansing dry foam for cats…



The use of wet wipes for househould cleaning has become a convenient and effective solution between the end consumers. At Laboratorios Sparchim we produce wet wipes to clean floors, glass, leather, carpets, kitchen, screens… Fall into this category, we find also the spectacle wipes which help consumers to keep their glasses duly cleaned. This type of product is always sold in sachets and we offer a wide range of formats and packagings to cover this market too.


One of the historical activities in the company. We produce low-calorie sweeteners in tablets and liquid. Check our wide range of formulas and packagings.

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